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Size Precision CNC Machining Control Techniques

Modify the cutter compensation value to ensure the dimensional accuracy

The first tool setting error or other causes beyond the workpiece workpiece errortolerance, can not meet the processing requirements, can modify the cutter compensation so that the workpiece can meet the requirements of size, ensure theradial dimension method are as follows:

Input method of absolute coordinates

According to the "big reduction, small increase" principle, modified in the cutter compensation 001 ~ 004. As with the 2 cutter groove workpiece size in 0.1mm, and the 002 cutter compensationdisplay is X3.8, you can enter the X3.7, reduce the 2cutter compensation.

The relative coordinate method

As in the example above, the knife repairing 002 input U-0.1, can receive the same effect.

Similarly, the axial dimensions for the control and so on. Such as processing by 1extra round knifeshaft section size somewhere, 0.1mm long, can be in place W0.1 input knife repairing 001.

Semi finish machining eliminate screw clearance to ensure the dimensional accuracy

For most CNC lathe, using a longer time, due to the influence of silk clearance, the size of workpiece machining often appear unstable phenomenon. At this time, we can be after rough machining, is a semi finish machining eliminate screw clearance. Such as the use of 1 knife G71 rough machining, can be in place U0.3 input knife repairing 001, call the G70 finishing time,parking measuring, then in place U-0.3 input knife repairing 001, call G70 again to finish a. After the half pure, eliminates the influence ofwire rod gap, ensure the precision of stability.

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